TERRA 14mm 2025 x 244mm AC5

SKU: 19997
26.43 / yard excl. VAT

1.77 yard box coverage

Abrasion class: AC5/cl. 33
Format: 14mm x 2025mm x 244mm
Core board: Low swelling/Water-resistant Q7-HDF (Edge swelling according to EN13329 lower than 8%, whereas the norm for common laminate is a swelling rate up to about 18%)


The first extra-long, 14-mm-thick plank.

The Grand Selection Origin laminate flooring collection offers a persuading blend of features that are breaking new ground and visual appeal!

These planks have the appearance of solid, rustic wood. Even experts must look more closely to detect the difference. The flawlessly coordinated texture and the stunning print produce a real wood floor with all the benefits of a laminate floor of the highest caliber.

Additional Water Resistance

This extraordinary floor exhibits twice the water resistance of traditional laminates because of its low-swelling HDF baseboard.

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