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  • The frames are equipped with 3 welded mounting brackets on the sides as well as 5 welded mounting brackets at the top.
  • Depending on the choice of the direction of rotation, one door is always fitted with 2 side sliders, so that both parts always close in harmony.
  • Each door is made with passion and craftsmanship.
  • The profiles are degreased and finished with an impact-resistant powder coating.
  • Glass Option: Cathedral, Flute, Fume, Milk, and Standard


The STEELIT® CLASSIC 12 has 12 symmetrical surfaces with safety glass that meet Belgian standard NBN S 23-002.

The divisions can change in size depending on the height of the door.

Additional information

Door Size

1536×2014, 1536×2114, 1736×2014, 1736×2114, 1936×2314

Door Type



Cathedral, Flutes, Fume, Milk, Standard